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Picture Framing Screw Sizes

zinc plated screwEver wondered what size a number ‘4’ screw is and whether you’d be better with a number ‘3’ ? well here’s a table of screw widths (thread widths) commonly used in picture framing –

No. ‘1’ = 2.0mm diameter
No. ‘2’ = 2.2mm diameter
No. ‘3’ = 2.5mm diameter

No. ‘4’ = 2.9mm diameter
No. ‘6’ = 3.5mm diameter
No. ‘8’ = 4.2mm diameter
No. ’10’ = 5.0mm diameter
No. ’12’ = 5.5mm diameter
No. ’14’ = 6.5mm diameter

You can check out out picture framing screw and pins page for all your screw and pin purchases.

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New Picture Framing Supplies Website Launched

Scottish Art OnlineOur new Picture Framing Supplies website was launched yesterday. It was formerly a part of the Scottish Art Online website, but has now due to strong growth become its own entity. We hope you enjoy shopping there for all your picture framing supply needs. This blog will focus on talking about picture framing along with some hints and tips on using the products found in our picture framing supplies store.

UK Picture Framing SuppliesThe new store has over 40 new products available in addition to those that were there previously. New products include small D-Rings, Fleur-De-Lys hangers, solid ‘D’ D-rings, slotted picture hangers, slotted picture plates, and a whole array of new screw sizes. This has now been added to the already wide selection of picture frame hanging hardware, picture frame wall hooks, picture hanging kits, picture wire and picture cords, frameless picture frame accessories, picture frame joining hardware, picture frame hardware for canvases, screws and pins for picture framing, Hand Tools For Picture Framing, Picture Framing &  Mounting Tapes, picture stands, custom picture mounts and sheet material including mountboard, foamboard and plastic glazing.

Please check out the store and let us know what you think!