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Quality X Picture Hooks now in stock

We are now stocking a quality ‘X’ Picture Hook range. The hooks are a strong grade steel, brass plated, and come supplied with quality knurled brass headed hardened pins. They come in four sizes –

 X-Hooks No 1 Picture Hooks X Picture Hooks No.1 (single pin)
 X-Hooks No 2 Picture Hooks X Picture Hooks No.2 (single pin)
 X-Hooks No3 Picture Hooks X Picture Hooks No.3 (two pin)
 X-Hooks No4 Picture Hooks X Picture Hooks No.4 (three pin)

We have pack sizes ranging from 2 to 100 hooks per pack.

The following link shows our full range of Picture Hooks

picture hanging picture hooks

Picture Hooks For Picture Frame Hanging

floral no1 picture hook brass platedPicture frame hanging, (or photo frame hanging) involves choosing the correct picture hanging hardware and picture frame wall hooks to match your picture frame size, weight and wall type. This will include choosing the correct hook to attach your frame to the wall. Whatever picture hook you go for make sure that it can support the weight of your frame. If in doubt, you can use more than one picture hook to support each frame, or alternatively go for hooks and hangers that exceed your needs.

The basic picture hook available is the Floral No1 Picture Hook, they are a cheap but robust option with a hardened steel pin. They will work hammered into wood or plaster for small light frames.

floral no3 picture hook brass platedThe range of Floral Picture hooks go up in size and robustness with Floral No2 (2 hole) Picture Hooks  to Floral No3 (3 hole) Picture Hooks (pictured on the left). Each comes with brass capped reinforced steel pins to securely attached them onto the wall by hammer.

Floral picture hooks are also available as 1 hole safety picture hooks and 3 hole safety picture hooks which have a spring locking mechanism to secure the cords into the hooks.

Standard Picture Hooks

standard 2 hole picture hook nickelPicture hooks are available in a ‘standard’ non-decorative design. they are just as robust as the floral picture hooks. They come in Standard No.2 Picture Hook (two hole) nickel plated, Standard No.2 Picture Hook (two hole) brass plated  and also come in a smaller size as Small standard No.0 Picture Hooks and  Small standard No.0 Picture Hooks. All come with hardened steel pins.

Heavy Duty Picture Hooks

heavy duty picture hook 3 hole brass platedFour types of heavy duty picture wall hooks are available which come in 1 hole heavy duty picture hook brass plated, 2 hole heavy duty picture hook brass plated3 hole heavy duty picture hook brass plated, 3 hole slotted hook zinc plated sizes. Three are constructed out of sturdy brass plated steel and the other is zinc plated steel. All are robustly constructed. They all take countersunk wood screws. How you attach the hooks to the wall will depend on the type of wall and any rawl plugs that you might use. The 3 Hole Heavy Duty Picture Hook is the strongest of the four heavy duty picture hooks.

Picture Rail Hooks

picture rail hook bronze platedAnother form of picture hanging hook is the picture rail hook, which is specifically designed to hang over the picture rails found in some higher walled or Victorian styled houses. We have brass plated picture rail hooks, bronze plated picture rail hooks and white picture rail hooks. There is also a narrow version of the bronze plated picture rail hook available. The picture rail hooks hook onto the picture rail, and you can run a picture cord or picture wire down to attach the picture frame to, this is a traditional form of picture hanging, which also has the additional benefit of not leaving picture hook pin holes all over your walls.

Other Picture Hooks

toly hard wall picture hookThere are also a couple of speciality picture hooks available –

The Toly hard wall picture hook has short hardened steel pins which are used for nailing the hook into hard brick walls.

The other is a plasterboard picture hook which has a special flat spike which attaches firmly into plasterboard walls.

Decorative Picture Hooks

Fleur de lys decorative picture hook bronze platedIf you are looking for a more decorative look for light frames, you should try the Brass Plated Fleur-De-Lys Decorative Picture Hooks, or the the Bronze Plated Fleur-De-Lys Decorative Picture Hooks for that special decorative look.