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Picture Framing : A Picture Cord Knot

A commonly asked question is what picture cord knot works best for hanging a picture frame? To answer this we first have to ask what are the desirable features of a picture cord knot?

The following are some desirable features of a picture knot –

  • Won’t untie (self tightening)
  • Won’t sag (so you can hang several pictures simultaneously in a line)
  • Will look neat and tidy (for a professional finish)
  • Won’t fray at the ends

Sagging can be minimised by using low stretch picture cord, you can then decide on the choice of knot.

One knot that meets the above criteria can be achieved as follows –

  1. Attach D-Rings to back of frame (1/3 way down each side)
  2. Cut cord to 3 x the width of the frame and feed cord through D-Rings as shown below –How To Tie A Picture Framing Knot
  3. Position the cord as follows –How To Tie A Picture Framing Knot
  4. Arrange the cord like follows –How To Tie A Picture Framing Knot
  5. Loop the right hand side back under to the left side as shown below –How To Tie A Picture Framing Knot
  6. Feed the right hand end through the loop that you just created as shown below. Pull either ends of the cord  away from each other until knot tightens, change directions of pulling by 1800 and pull again in opposite direction to tighten –How To Tie A Picture Framing Knot
  7. The knot and the cord should  be tight, and not able to slip out or slacken –How To Tie A Picture Framing Knot
  8. Tie a few ‘granny knot’ L over R, then R over L to secure the underlying knot –How To Tie A Picture Framing Knot
  9. Secure by wrapping small piece of ECO-15 tape around the tied ends –How To Tie A Picture Framing Knot
  10.  Use a craft knife to cut through the cord wrapped in ECO-15 tape –How To Tie A Picture Framing Knot
  11. The finished cord/knot combination should have a nice clean looking finish, and should provide a tight and  secure cord to hang the picture via a picture hook on the wall –How To Tie A Picture Framing Knot


hanging a picture frame

How to Hang a Picture Frame : D-Rings

brass single d-ringPictures are most commonly hung using a pair of D-Rings screwed onto the back of the each side of wooden (or plastic) picture frame. They provide attachment point loops that picture cord or wire can be then be strung between. The cord or wire can then be used to hang the frame from a picture hook (nail, screw or similar) that is attached to the wall.

Single hole D-Rings are the most basic form of hardware for this purpose.  They are useful for most frames up to about 0.5m wide. Wider than 0.5m  but < 1m or when using a heavier frame/moulding, then double D-Rings are advised, they are more robust than single D-Rings and have two screw holes.

The Procedure for attaching D-Rings to a picture frame –

How To Use D-Rings to Hang a Picture FrameHardware required –


  1. Apply frame backing tape around each back edge for the frame/backing board to seal the frame from dust mites and dampness.
  2. Measure approximately 1/3 of the distance down on one side of the frame and mark with pencil/pen. Measure down the other side the exact same distance and mark again.
  3. Use a bradawl to poke a small hole into the frame backing at this mark on each side, this will provide a start for the screws.
  4. Line up the D-Rings and screw with the pre started holes and screw the D-rings into place. The D’s (loops) of the D-Rings should be facing each other.
  5. Tie a cord between each D-Ring and secure with a knot. Alternatively, wire and ferrules can be used instead.
  6. Finish the cord ends off with a bit of frame backing tape to stop them fraying.
  7. You picture is ready to hang on a picture hook.


New Products

Quality X Picture Hooks now in stock

We are now stocking a quality ‘X’ Picture Hook range. The hooks are a strong grade steel, brass plated, and come supplied with quality knurled brass headed hardened pins. They come in four sizes –

 X-Hooks No 1 Picture Hooks X Picture Hooks No.1 (single pin)
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We have pack sizes ranging from 2 to 100 hooks per pack.

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